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The 'Moving' 1940s Train Cabin

What To Expect

A fuss-free build with everything you need provided in the kit itself. Clear and precise instructions manual with visual graphics to guide you through the entire process.

Entire Building Process by Megan

Part 1: Unboxing & Motor Mechanism

Part 2: Assembling The Interior

Part 3: Interior Walls & Cabin Body

Part 4: Exterior Walls & Connecting Circuit

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The 'Moving' Train Cabin

The First Ever Motion Scene Book Nook

Our 1940 Train Cabin is the first ever motion scene book nook that has ever been created. We have went through many iterations and improvements to come up with the most simplistic way anyone can build a book nook with a motion scene in it. With thorough planning and thought process, we have managed to architect the most efficient way to implement the motion film in the motor, depicting a moving train scenario.

ByAnavrin 1940s Train Cabin DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert Craft Kit
ByAnavrin 1940s Train Cabin DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert Craft Kit

A Nostalgia Train Journey

Inspired from the 40s', we have utilise and mimic vintage locomotive with private train cabins for passengers, depicting a nostalgic scene where consumers used to dress up in suits and dresses upon boarding the train to their destination.

Imaging sitting and relaxing at your very own private cabin with your companion, decked with your suitcases and chatting over coffee or tea. Awaiting for ticket verification and choices of beverages to be served to you.

Our customers' beautiful creations

Curated creations from our customers with their own interpretation on our 1940s Train Cabin DIY Book Nook








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Complete Tutorial Guide

Take a look at some of the projects created by our crafting community! - @byanavrin

"I've been hearing about “book nooks” for years, but it wasn't until I saw this model from @byanavrin that I fell in love! That moving landscape is unique, very magical. I lost count of how many hours it took, but as I love manual things I had a blast. Every night I sat down to ride a little and the hours passed without me seeing it. Is anyone else a fan of miniatures?" - @femingos

"This is the perfect gift for booklovers... A library in a library!"

“The design was incredible, really fun to build and easy to follow! The moving screen was incredible, and you also can change the scene too!”

“I never realized how intricate this model is until I started. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but soon became fascinated at how it all came together. The time just flies by. Love it.”

"From a book lover standpoint, this was a blast to put together. I enjoyed the process, and really love the final product. I have it on a prominent bookshelf in my house next to some older books and it looks great!"

Ginzan Onsen (銀山温泉)

The Ginzan Onsen Book Nook is the latest addition to our motion scene series. The Anavrin team dedicated over 5 months to design, test, and optimize, resulting in the stunning final product you see now. Our inspiration stems from the architectural marvel, Notoya Ryokan. This main structural building, established in 1892 and constructed in 1921 during the Taishō era (1912–1926), has greatly influenced our design.

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Our DIY Craft Kits comes with everything you need ranging from detailed instruction guide, cutting tools, crafting papers, solid plywood sheets and lights as well. However, we're not able to include batteries (for the lights) and glue due to shipping restrictions. Nonetheless, we do recommend getting a silicon based glue for our craft projects which you can get from a bookstore or art store! If you'd like a specific glue brand, you can choose to use Elmer's All Multi Purpose Glue and Gorilla Super Glue (for a stronger & faster stick)!

How long does it take to complete a project?

It really depends, our book nooks have been designed in a way whereby it takes lesser time because there are no coloring/painting required - the plywood pieces are already colored hence it's more of a gluing and pasting craft activity. It should take roughly 4-6 hours to complete. However, we do have customer who love to take their time and complete it over the weekend with their family members or friends!

Is it beginner friendly? Will it be a great gift for people who wants to try DIY crafting

We do our best to ensure that all of our DIY Craft Kits are simple and straightforward. We're focusing on providing the best experience to anyone who wants to try out DIY Crafting as a hobby! We do have customers who have never tried crafting before and they're now on their way to building their second, third, fourth kit and so on! It's a very unique and thoughtful gift - truly a great way to remind a family member or a friend to take some time off and indulge in relaxing therapeutic crafting activity!

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If I accidentally break one of the key pieces for the craft kit, are you guys able to send a replacement?

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