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Bookshelves look amazing when you decorate them. You can place your photo frames, candles, and many other objects to compliment your book collections and make them aesthetic. It looks even more beautiful when you add book nooks, especially ones that light up.

With so many lighting options available on the market, it can be intimidating to choose one and not all lights work well with a book nook. So let us check out which lights you can get for your book nook.

 Why Add Lighting to Your Book Nooks?

 Book nooks with lighting provide a cozy glow for the perfect bookshelf corner. Book nooks are shadow boxes made to fit between other books on a bookshelf.

You can either craft them yourself or even find them on sale at various bookstores. The designs found are of almost anything related to fiction, love, and anything that you may read about in a well-known book.

One interesting thing about book nooks is how you can add lighting to them. Adding lighting to your book nooks gives the shadow box a new glow. With book nooks having artwork and small decorations inside, all of it starts to come to life when the lights add up. Your collection of books with added lighting looks cozy and vibrant, making the whole bookshelf come to life.

Some have bookshelves made right beside or over your bed. In that case, that light not only sets a vibe but also assists you to read a book in a dark dim room. All you need to do is buy small LED bulbs, get them attached to your book nook behind the decorations, and get a power supply. It is usually run by battery.

Now that you know how by adding lights you can change the whole interior of your book nooks, we have put together a list of the 4 best LEDs for book nooks.

4 Best LEDs For Book Nooks

While you can construct your book nook according to your preference, the standard size for one is 10’ in length, 5’ wide, and 8’ deep. For such measurements, small bulbs are required.

  • Bulb LEDs

 If you are looking to add lighting to your book nooks, then this is the best option for you. These LED bulbs cast warm white light and are of chip sizes. They are flat in shape. You can install these LED bulb lights on top of your book nook and cover the whole area inside it.

Installing them behind window theme nooks can also give out a bedroom light or lamp mimic to the book nooks.

  • LED Strips

 These are small LED lights that connect from one end to another and are usually found in RGB color settings. You can also control the brightness and color with remote control. Simply take the strip off the back of the lights and stick them inside or around the edges of your book nook. These are very easy to install and get glued instantly when put up.

You will, however, need a better power source for this option as they can't always run-on batteries.

  • Miniature LED lights

These are very small led lights that run on batteries, and usually do not need a wire to connect them to other lights on display. You can use these lights to decorate your interior objects. Place them inside house windows or car lights and lamps. They add the small details to the book nook that you need to make it look more aesthetic. 

  • LED Fairy lights

LED fairy lights are a popular option to choose from when lighting up your book nooks. Fairy lights can be of different lengths and come in different colors.

The best thing about using fear lights is that you cannot only decorate the inside of your book nook but also use the rest of the lighting to lift the entire bookshelf. You can connect LED lights to batteries and also electrical wire connections.

Are you still confused about how to set up LED lights inside your book nook? Let us continue reading to help you learn how you can install lighting in your book nooks.

How to Install Lighting to Book Nooks?

So now you are all set to install your LED lighting into your book nook. After choosing the correct bulb for your model you will be needing a couple of other things to hold your lighting in place. Grab a pair of scissors or wire cutters, glue, scotch tape, and a Dremel with a small drill bit.

  • Ceiling Lights

If you want to stick your lights to the ceiling of your book nook, use glue or Holding Wax to secure the lights. Drill a small hole in the ceiling of the nook and press all the wires outwards. Strap the wires with tape to give them a clean finish.

  • Miniatures Side Lights

Handling miniature lights could be tricky. You can run miniature lights on tiny batteries for a long time. Stick the lights on a board cut out to the length of your book nook walls. Drill small holes in them.

Now place each bulb on the light to pass through. Stick them all in place with tape. You can also wrap the tiny bit of wires. Now place the board on the sidewall as a layer to attach all the lights.

  • Object Lights

One of the best additions is adding lights to the tiny details on your book nook. Use LED Bulbs and miniature lights to light them. These require no wires and run-on battery. Stick them on the ground and glue the objects over the lights or in front of them for a back glow. 


Book nooks with lighting provide a cozy glow for the perfect bookshelf corner. Book nooks are shadow boxes made to fit between other books on a bookshelf. Adding lighting to your book nooks gives the shadow box a new glow.

So, light up your book nooks with these awesome lighting ideas after you make them using our book nook kits. Thanks for stopping by.


  • john conant
    • john conant
    • March 6, 2024 at 2:04 am

    How do I bend the light strips at a right angle as shown in instructions to Renaissance Grand library?

  • Sanetha
    • Sanetha
    • July 6, 2023 at 10:06 am

    This was fun and simple. Love looking at it with my books.

  • judy ellington
    • judy ellington
    • March 8, 2023 at 11:28 am

    This seems too confusing for me. Do your Book Nook kits include any instructions/suggestions for adding lights? I wouldn’t know where to begin, but absolutely love the idea!

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