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Bookworms all over the world are obsessed with book nooks right now! Who wouldn't appreciate using a simulation of a magical universe to decorate their libraries? It would simply enhance your urge to grab a cup of coffee, get cosy under the lights and dive into a book right away! But is it possible to DIY book nook?

Yes, you can make book nooks absolutely by yourself at home. You will need some basic materials like cardboard, glue, book prints, paint, and things to decorate. However, you can also buy the book nook kits online.

A book nook is a miniature form of the world you imagine while reading. It could be a divine place on some other end of the planet, where mankind has never been but only your thoughts have dwelled there. You can buy book nooks at really good prices. But if you want to cut short your budget, you must learn how to make a book nook yourself!

Making A DIY Book Nook: For Beginners

Basically, a book nook or a book insert is an accessory for your bookshelf. It is a miniature art piece that simulates a place, a thing, your favourite movie spot, etc. For book lovers out there, having their own book nooks is a dream come true! Especially kids who grew up reading or watching Harry Potter, long for a Diagon Alley book nook, or even just a simulation of the ‘Cupboard Under The Stairs!

Yes, it is pretty obvious if your heart skipped a bit and you felt sad seeing those book nooks online as some of them can be really expensive. But there are some budget-friendly ones too. However, it is time you made your own book nook!

Making The Victorian Library Book Nook: A Classic

Actually, it is a really clever way to enhance the beauty of your library with another dreamy, well-lit miniature library. A library is your escape from reality, where your soul finds solace and peace.

Since you are a beginner, it is best to start with easy ones. The materials required won’t even cost you much. So, let’s learn how to make a library book nook!

Step One

So, you will need five pieces of cardboard, cut according to your preferred dimensions. You can use plywood pieces too. But it will only raise your budget.

Three of the cardboard pieces must be the same size for making the walls, and they need to be wider. The roof and floor pieces can be smaller and narrower.

Step Two

Now you need to make book racks. Glue a single popsicle stick to the middle of one piece of cardboard vertically.

Next, stack up popsicle sticks parallel to each other throughout the cardboard piece and make rows. Using glue, attach all of these together. Let it dry and your framework will be ready.

Step Three

Time to make books now. You can print the pictures of small miniature books on a piece of paper or card.

Or, you can just buy these postcards from stationery stores. And if you are a Potterhead, you know which books you want there!

Step Four After that, just cut these pictures into the shape of miniature books. Next, take a small piece of 0.5 cm thick cardboard. It is actually for simulating the pages or the bulk of the book. So try to buy an off-white colored cardboard piece.

Step Five

Now, stick the cut pieces of book pictures on the cardboard one after another. Then, cut them out according to their shape using a pair of scissors.

Just fold these along the fold of the book. In this way, make as many books as you need and let them dry.

Step Six

On the other walls (cardboard pieces), you can stick printed wallpapers cut according to the dimensions of the cardboard. You can add a picture frame on the left wall. Just cut small cardboard pieces and then attach them to the wall to make a photo frame. Inside this frame, stick a nice portrait.

Instead of the wallpapers, you can simply paint the walls with acrylic paint if you wish. It gives a nice outlook as well.

Step Seven

It is the crucial step. Most importantly, you have to assemble all the parts now. Using glue, attach the walls, the roof, and the floor.

Let the frame dry. Now, start putting the books in. Attach the books with glue. You can just put them haphazardly or arrange them neatly, however you like.

Step Eight

Make miniature chairs, lamps, stools, etc. You need a good battery-powered LED light for the lamp. Add little grasses or flower vases in front.

You can also make a small carpet using a cloth piece and place it in front of the chair. Besides, add some medieval writing on parchment paper to stick above the bookshelf. It will give an aesthetic look.

Now, let the entire thing dry for one day. There you go, your classic Victorian library book nook is ready!

Use Book Nook Kits For Better Results

To be fair, the Victorian Library book nook was just a DIY thing to do. It won’t even cost you much. Because you can make it with the things lying around your home or buy them from a regular stationery shop. But if you want a professional touch to your book nook, you can always rely on book nook kits.

For example, if you want to make a loft or a house book nook, you can buy kits and then arrange the whole thing. These things tend to yield beautiful results as the structure is premade! Also, if you would like to have a Christmas themed book nook, there are kits to buy too!

The kits from Anvarin are sophistically crafted with great care for each little detail. They have a skillful touch and using them can really make your bookshelf look outstanding!

However, if you are looking for premade book nooks that look extremely magnificent, buy the Harry Potter book nooks. They look exquisite on any bookshelf! And for Potterheads, these are like magical dreams coming true! Any of these book nooks from the Wizardry Fandom Series can touch your heart!

Moreover, you can find book nook kits for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Narnia, or any magical thing out there! Simply put, any sophisticated piece of art would look amazing amidst the stack of books.


A book nook is your escape to some surreal world where you love to wander when the world is busy doing something else. To dive into the world of imagination while reading and then getting to see a realistic simulation of that magical world is beyond words to describe. A book nook has the power to play with your mind and do all that!

So, now you know how to make a book nook in very simple and easy steps. You can buy your favourite book nooks from Anvarin as well! Just take a look at what they have to offer and fall in love with book nooks, over again. For further queries, dial-up +1626-941-2592 or just send your email ID to them. Have a great day!


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