ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
Magic Market Book Nook | Anavrin (Music Box)
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit

Magic Market Book Nook | Anavrin (Music Box)

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Why Miniature Crafts?

✔️ Inspire Imagination & Creativity
✔️ Encourage Learning, Concentration & Patience
✔️ The Ultimate Bonding Experience
✔️ Perfect As A Gift
✔️ Stress Relief (Take Your Mind Off)

ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • Magical Marvels Unveiled: We invite you on a journey into the unknown, where the allure of magic beckons, and every corner unveils a new realm of wonder. Explore a plethora of marvelous magical items within this wooden DIY book nook, from invisibility cloaks that shimmer with hidden secrets to flying broomsticks poised for fantastical adventures. Each element is meticulously crafted to evoke the enchantment of a mystical realm, inviting you to immerse yourself in the magic.
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • Secret Magical Potion: Behold the mystical elixirs swirling within glass vials, releasing enchanting bubbles that carry the essence of secrets and wonders. Crafted with the touch of a mysterious potion master, this secret concoction adds an air of intrigue to your book nook, promising tales of magical discovery.
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • Blazing Fireplace Tales: The flames within the fireplace burn fiercely, roaring with untold stories of an unknown and mysterious world. The warmth of the fire casts a spell, drawing you closer to the heart of the book nook, where every crackling ember whispers tales of ancient enchantments.
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • Mysterious Crystal Balls: Ancient crystal balls rest on the bookshelf, as if someone were softly chanting incantations, awakening them to unveil their hidden powers. The intricate design captures the essence of mystery and magic, inviting you to peer into the depths of the crystal balls and explore their secrets.
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • Crafted with Precision and Passion: The Magic Market Book Nook is more than a puzzle; it's a masterpiece of craftsmanship and passion. Every wooden piece is delicately carved to bring the magical scenes to life, creating a captivating miniature world that resonates with fantasy and enchantment.
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • 🌟 Unleash Your Creativity: Dive into the art of crafting with this wooden puzzle book nook. As you piece together each element, you're not just assembling a book nook; you're creating a portal to a world where magic and imagination intertwine.
ByAnavrin Magic Market Book NookDIY Book Nook Craft Kit
  • Transport yourself to a realm of magic and mystery with the Magic Market Book Nook  – a testament to the art of crafting, storytelling, and the boundless enchantment that resides within the pages of a book. Let your imagination soar as you build a world where the extraordinary becomes ordinary and the unknown becomes a cherished adventure.


        • Size: 10.7 (H) x 4.33 (W) x 7.08 (L) inches
        • Pieces: 290
        • Package Included: 290 Pre-cut & Colored Wooden Pieces, Music Box (Song: Castle In The Sky), English Instruction Guide, Warm Light Strings, Auxiliary Tools
        • Main Materials: Wood, Paper, Pattern Translucent Plastic, LED light
        • Power by: 2 x AAA Batteries
        • Recommended Age: 10+
        • Estimated Assembly Time: About 4-10 hours


          The item is pre-colored, but the package still may include pigment. If included, some parts needs to be color by yourself. We have detailed instructions to tell you where to color. Also, feel free to be as creative as you can by including your own variations to it. Recommend children to assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing. The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries (for the lights). Due to customs policy, glue or battery may not be included in the package.


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          *Do note that Limited Edition kits will require an additional lead time of 3-6 business days for it to be ready to be shipped.


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          answers to all your questions
          about our DIY Craft Kits...


          answers to all your questions
          about our DIY Craft Kits...

          Our DIY Craft Kits comes with everything you need ranging from detailed instruction guide, cutting tools, crafting papers, solid plywood sheets and lights as well. However, we're not able to include batteries (for the lights) and glue due to shipping restrictions. Nonetheless, we do recommend getting a silicon based glue for our craft projects which you can get from a bookstore or art store! If you'd like a specific glue brand, you can choose to use Elmer's All Multi Purpose Glue and Gorilla Super Glue (for a stronger & faster stick)!

          It really depends, our book nooks have been designed in a way whereby it takes lesser time because there are no coloring/painting required - the plywood pieces are already colored hence it's more of a gluing and pasting craft activity. It should take roughly 4-6 hours to complete. However, we do have customer who love to take their time and complete it over the weekend with their family members or friends!

          We do our best to ensure that all of our DIY Craft Kits are simple and straightforward. We're focusing on providing the best experience to anyone who wants to try out DIY Crafting as a hobby! We do have customers who have never tried crafting before and they're now on their way to building their second, third, fourth kit and so on! It's a very unique and thoughtful gift - truly a great way to remind a family member or a friend to take some time off and indulge in relaxing therapeutic crafting activity!

          Most of our DIY Craft Ktis are suitable for children age above 10. However, we do have parents telling us that their 6-8 years old children are having a ton of fun with it too. We guess ultimately, it boils down to how are the kits presented to them - if you're giving them the kit and expecting them to build on their own, we do think that it can be a little bit tough for them to complete it. However, if you're planning to build the kit with them and spend some quality time together, meanwhile engaging their inner tinkering and creativity mode, then we do think it's very possible for them to complete it. We do encourage family to do it together as a bonding activity while taking some time off screens!

          Yes, simply reach out to us at here and our team will sort it out for you! However, please do keep in mind that the process can take some time as it's a specific piece which we will need some time to sort it out before sending it over to you.

          Yes, we're able to offer prebuilt kits however, it is only limited to these designs for now. For prebuilt models, we will require additional 3-4 business days for us to build it and send it over to your stated address! As we expand and grow, we will definitely look to include more prebuilt options for all of our models.

          Over 27,500+

          Happy Customers!

          I had so
          much fun!

          OMG. I hold Anavrin totally responsible for the fun I had over the weekend. I ordered Sakura Densya and It didn't take long, and was a quality product. It sort of felt like a cut-and-paste paper craft activity except it’s in quality plywood!

          Nina Mitchell
            Verified Purchase

          Received it as a
          birthday present!

          My sister bought me this for my birthday present because she knew how much of a bookworm I am. I finally get to decorate my shelf with the brightly lit book nooks, and I had such an amazing time building it. I love it!

          Lynn Edwards
            Verified Purchase

          Very relaxing
          and therapeutic!

          FUN FUN FUN. I had so much fun building these book nooks! I love it and I even managed to get my daughter to join me over the weekend. She loves it and finds it very relaxing and therapeutic. We had a great time together.

          Colleen Marks
            Verified Purchase

          Finally took a break!

          I have been wanting to brighten up my bookshelf for the longest time, but I just couldn’t find the right piece to fit in between my books. I have built both sunshine town and Sakura densya and I had such a great time building it. Truly took my mind off!

          Sally-Anne O'Connor
            Verified Purchase

          Perfect gift for
          book lovers

          I bought the Sakura Densya book nook for my best friend and she loved it so so much! Truly a wonderful gift if you’re looking for a unique and interactive displayable item.

          Wendy Waller
            Verified Purchase

          Engaging, interactive and fun!

          I usually get these unique DIY kits for my family and friends because it’s fun and very relaxing to build these kits. It's a very meaningful and creative gift idea if you're looking for one.

          Jessica Capsel
            Verified Purchase

          DIY craft kits

          I have always wanted to start crafting. However, most DIY crafts require lots of sourcing of different materials etc. which makes me very lazy to begin with. I find Anavrin's craft kits relatively convenient as it comes with everything you need!

          Bethany Frerichs
            Verified Purchase

          They love building
          these book nooks!

          I bought the book nooks for my children and they had a ton of fun building it. It’s a very engaging yet therapeutic activity – I’ve never seen them so focused and calm when doing these crafts. Now, they are already asking for the next craft kit.

          Lauren Andre
            Verified Purchase