Are you among the lucky few who have heard of book nooks, or are you still missing out? Either way, let me fill you in! Book nooks are all that the hype is about right now, and no matter whether you like books, miniature crafts, or just vintage decorations, you are sure to love them. One of the unique pieces of book nooks you will come across is the 1940s Train Cabin book nook by Anavrin.

While book nooks seem magical, Anavrin's 1940s Train Cabin Book Nook takes them to another level with intricate details and first-ever motion scenes to take you to another world! When you get this product, the DIY craft kit will have everything you need to install it. The installation process is easy and quick, so beginners and experts can do it without a problem.

Whether you are looking for gifts for a loved one or even yourself, the 1940s Train Cabin book nook can be the most remarkable product you will come across. Even if you get it, the installation process may initially seem complicated with so many pieces. But believe me; the installation is super easy! With our step-by-step guide, I will take you through the entire process in this article.


Everything You Need to Install the 1940s Train Cabin Book Nook

The 1940 Train Cabin Book Nook results from the professional design team at Anavrin working on it for more than 500 hours. The entire process included brainstorming, designing, testing, and optimizing. The primary inspiration behind all this hard work and meticulous detail is to let the ones crafting this book nook recreate a memorable and immersive train journey for themselves.

So the team behind this book nook thought of the one who would be crafting it and added everything necessary in the kit. Everything you should keep on hand before installing the 1940s train cabin book nook includes:

DIY Craft Kit

When you get the DIY kit for Anavrin's 1940s train cabin book nook, it will include all the necessary parts and tools you need for installation. This DIY craft kit includes an instruction manual, scissors, craft materials, sturdy plywood sheets, and lights. There should be 782 pre-cut plywood pieces you need to put together.

All the parts included in this DIY craft kit are –

  1. Wooden part sheets (10 part sheets)
  2. Leather part sheets (6 part sheets)
  3. Metal part sheets (4 parts sheets)
  4. Window glass (11 transparent plastic parts)
  5. Magnets
  6. Rubber bands to create elasticity
  7. Rubber band to increase friction for the rotating shaft
  8. Wire connecting kit to connect lighting wires
  9. LED light coil
  10. Battery holder
  11. Paper roll and picture
  12. A pre-wired 5-9V DC Motor

Instruction Manual

If you are new to DIY crafting projects, this instruction manual might be the most important thing you should keep at your hand! You should follow the directions in the manual closely as you make your item.

From building the train cabin walls to arranging the furniture and installing the lighting, you will need the help of detailed instructions. This instruction manual makes tiny diorama construction a more approachable hobby for everybody.


When you are doing any crafting project, glue is a must. Unfortunately, the DIY craft kit for the 1940s train cabin book nook has no glue as it's a no-fly item.

But glue is essential for keeping the walls fastened to the container, anchoring the miniature furnishings, and keeping the whole thing steady. A silicone-based glue would be the ideal choice for this crafting project. You can easily pick one up from an art supply shop or the local bookstore.


The motion scene in the book Nook and the LED lights will need a power supply to run. These components create the entire cozy and inviting atmosphere in the book nook.

However, the batteries are another essential item not included in the kit as it's a no-fly item. Getting some 5V-DC 3 AA batteries in series would be best as a power supply for the book nook.

Cutting Tools

Thankfully, the DIY craft kit for the 1940s Train Cabin Book Nook includes pieces that don't require you to prepare any cutting tools. So you can craft this entire piece without having any cutting scissors or knives at hand.

Even so, to make the installation process easier and faster, some handy tools like scissors or paper cutters always help. They can help you trim excess materials or adjust the size of particular components. As the parts for the book nook are handcrafted, sometimes ensuring a perfect fit may need some adjustments.


Some good news for all the creative people– you can paint the pieces for this book nook! So if you would love to customize the train cabin to suit your preferences, keep some paint and paintbrush at hand. Unleash your creative spirit and add your special touch to this magical book nook.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the 1940s Train Cabin Book Nook

The easy step-by-step guide to installing your own 1940s train cabin is as follows:

Step 1: Prepare a Well-Lit Workspace

Prepare a roomy, well-lit, and comfortable work area with plenty of room for laying out the materials. Although there are extra pieces in the DIY crafting kit, we all want to avoid losing or breaking any parts.

Work on a table or sturdy surface to avoid any mishaps. You can also protect the work area by laying down a cutting mat if you plan to use any cutting tools.

Step 2: Read the Instruction Manual Thoroughly

As you should already know, the DIY craft kit for the 1940s Train Cabin Book Nook comes with an Instruction manual. It specifies all the instructions for installing the book nook and has pictures to help you understand the process quickly.

Read the manual with great care. Please learn the parts, their names, and how they fit into the whole. If you read this first, you'll fully grasp the procedure before you begin.

Step 3: Setting Up the Main Gear and the Motor

If you look at all the parts, they have a letter and a number that indicate where they will go. Follow the instructions carefully to set up the main gear spindles and motor location. Carefully attach the main gear to the motor.

Step 4: Setting Up the Cabin

There are many parts to the cabin you need to assemble. These include leather seats, luggage racks, suitcases, pet cages, cabin walls, lights, and windows.

Following the instruction manual carefully, assemble the parts with the same letter and corresponding number. Finish by combining all the cabin walls and ceilings to create a beautiful train cabin.

Step 5: Assemble the Paper Roller

Find the paper roller inside the toolbox. To build the paper roller mechanism, just follow the guidelines in the handbook.

This piece is necessary for the book nook's scenes to work. Make sure to avoid using any glue in this step.

Step 6: Add Magnet and Connect All the Wires

Place the magnet where it is instructed to on the paper roller mechanism. The magnet is required to activate the scene changes.

Follow the instructions and illustrations in the manual to ensure that all necessary cables are correctly connected. The motor and paper roller won't work unless the connections are secure.

Step 7: Finish Assembling and Enjoy!

Check the wiring and attachments to make sure everything is in order. To ensure proper installation, activate the motor very slowly.

Check the flow of the scenes to make sure there are no interruptions. Once you've verified its functionality, you can put the book nook wherever you choose.



No doubt, among all the book nooks available in the market, the 1940s Train Cabin Book Nook is truly a magical piece! Any train lover, vintage décor enthusiast, or miniature craft fan would love this piece as a gift. Some of you might think the crafting process is complicated.

However, in this article, I show you how easy the entire installation process is with an easy step-by-step guide. I hope now you can get this piece and enjoy your time crafting it. Thanks for reading.


  • taylor
    • taylor
    • December 12, 2023 at 3:18 pm

    Very tricky and time consuming. Fun for those that enjoy those types of crafts. Would be rewarding except I got all the way to the end and it’s not working. The instructions are incredibly vague and DO NOT go over the wiring nearly enough. I imagine it’s not difficult however they did not make it easy either with lack of information and detail. I’ve re-wired it 3 times to ensure that connections are secure. I also changed the batteries twice and NOTHING. extremely disappointed right now.

  • Thaddeus
    • Thaddeus
    • December 6, 2023 at 11:19 am

    I’m missing a few pieces from my kit. I’ve checked the plywood sheets over and over, and I’m definitely missing pieces for the seat back assemblies.

  • Theresa Swanepoel
    • Theresa Swanepoel
    • December 3, 2023 at 9:45 pm

    This is the link that I mentioned.

  • Theresa Swanepoel
    • Theresa Swanepoel
    • December 3, 2023 at 9:39 pm


    I thought that I would bring your attention to a scam that is currently being run using one of your products; the 1940 train book nook.

    On my Facebook and Instagram there is an advert/reel that keep coming up avertising the product on special for R60 in South Africa.
    I clicked on it and paid for the item, like an idiot! I would normally see an advert if interest and Google the product/website, but this time I didn’t do that. I had intended to get it for my husband for Christmas.
    The website that came up immediately after I had bought the product was something called Makers Deal. I realised that the graphics were not the same as what I had seen on the pages advertised so I took a moment to read the T&Cs and thank goodness I did!
    It turns out that what I had bought was a subscription to and that they would have gone on to charge me 33euro every 2 weeks. I contacted them immediately and cancelled the order via email, which they have confirmed via email. They denied all knowledge of this false advertising. I have also had to cancel my credit card to destroy the details that I gave them.

    Now having researched this beautiful item properly I see that it is most definitely not R60! Not even close, and that would have been my first clue if I had researched the product first like I usually do.
    I would be happy to flag your attention by tagging you in the adverts that come my way. Please send me your social media tags so that I can add them to the comments section to alert you.

    Kind regards,
    Theresa Swanepoel

  • Paul H
    • Paul H
    • November 15, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    This is a wonderfully crafted product. Follow the instructions carefully (read it twice) and it works perfectly. I recommend testing the gears and motion as soon as it is assembled. I made a mistake (impatience being the cause) and broke one of the spindles. Who ever designed this did their research and the spare part needed was already included. Putting this together was a joy. Really well done.

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