Pendulum Clock | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Pendulum Clock | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Pendulum Clock | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Pendulum Clock | Anavrin ByAnavrin

Pendulum Clock | Anavrin

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Admire The Intricacies And The Beauty Of A Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock.

ByAnavrin Pendulum Clock Anavrin 3D Wooden Mechanical Woodworking

As time is passing, the pendulum syncs and swings in accordance to the tick. 

Discover the beauty of the mechanical movements and get completely mesmerize by each pendulum swing. 

Go above and beyond, and challenge yourself by embarking on this satisfying experience, building your very own Pendulum Clock!

"Indeed a Mechanical Masterpiece!"

Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock ByAnavrin Anavrin

Pendulum Clock's Prototype

Designed from scratch, this is one of the final rendition of our Pendulum Clock that has undergone numerous editions to ensure that every single piece works perfectly to ensure your satisfaction.
Made with precise details and care to attention, our Pendulum Clock will be without a doubt one of the most interesting and intricate pieces to build and have fun!
That is our promise to you.


  • A clock you genuinely call your own - Utilizing 170 laser precision cut out eco-friendly plywood pieces, you will get to construct your very own Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock straight from the kit without any additional equipment.

  • Beautiful clockwork movement - As the pendulum swings, you get to watch and learn the nuts and bolts of how a clock works through its mechanical movements.
Mechanical Wooden DIY Toy Project Idea Anavrin
  • Intricate mechanical sequence - Wind up the spring to get the pendulum swinging and time will start ticking by, just like a real mechanical clock.
  • Color/Coat it your own way - Our birch plywood material can be easily painted or stained on, allowing you to make your clock truly one-of-a-kind. PS. Some of these coated intriguing Pendulum Clock designs were submitted by our customers!
ByAnavrin Pendulum Clock Anavrin 3D Wooden Mechanical Woodworking
  • Hours of guaranteed fun - An incredible hobby for everyone, youthful or old. Take the worry off from your day-to-day hustle and loosen up with our mechanical pendulum clock. Bringing out the ultimate tinker mode in you!
  • Educational & meaningful get-together experience - Made from quality, precise and dust-free plywood pieces, our pendulum clock creates a wonderful bonding session for you and your loved ones as you come together and build it from scratch.
Mechanical Wooden DIY Toy Project Idea Anavrin
  • No additional tools required - Everything you need is inside the kit. All of our building kits have been thoroughly checked and packed by our team.

  • Dimensions: 13.8" Height x 4.5" Width x 9.4" Length

  • Not sold in stores elsewhere.
mechanical pendulum clock diy toy project set idea
  • 170 x Precision Cut Wooden Pieces
  • 1 x Pendulum Clock
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Wax
All of our Wooden Mechanical Building Kits include spare pieces should there be any breakage. Feel free to reach out to us at and our team will help you out with any challenges! ☺️


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    Why Anavrin's Wooden Pieces ?

    Self-Propelling Toys

    No batteries and chargers are required. Anavrin's mechanical system was designed and created by self-propelling gears that have been thoroughly studied and calculated for to achieve the perfect automotive cycle in each innovative model.

    Beautiful Displayable Showpiece

    A fulfilling project build that can be displayed as a gorgeous masterpiece after it's completed and a wonderful collector's hobby that will stay with you for life. Indulge in our satisfying building kits with your family and friends for an amazing time.

    Natural Materials
    Our pieces are made from recycled and environmentally friendly wooden materials

    No Glue Connection
    Assemble our pieces easily with everything you need in our kit without any extra tools

    Challenge yourself with hours of immersive building to tease your mind and learn about the mechanism behind the motions

    All our building kits have self propelling motions to allow you to admire the intricacies and details whenever the gears are in action


    answers to all your questions
    about our DIY Craft Kits...


    answers to all your questions
    about our DIY Craft Kits...

    Our DIY Craft Kits comes with everything you need ranging from detailed instruction guide, cutting tools, crafting papers, solid plywood sheets and lights as well. However, we're not able to include batteries (for the lights) and glue due to shipping restrictions. Nonetheless, we do recommend getting a silicon based glue for our craft projects which you can get from a bookstore or art store! If you'd like a specific glue brand, you can choose to use Elmer's All Multi Purpose Glue and Gorilla Super Glue (for a stronger & faster stick)!

    It really depends, our book nooks have been designed in a way whereby it takes lesser time because there are no coloring/painting required - the plywood pieces are already colored hence it's more of a gluing and pasting craft activity. It should take roughly 4-6 hours to complete. However, we do have customer who love to take their time and complete it over the weekend with their family members or friends!

    We do our best to ensure that all of our DIY Craft Kits are simple and straightforward. We're focusing on providing the best experience to anyone who wants to try out DIY Crafting as a hobby! We do have customers who have never tried crafting before and they're now on their way to building their second, third, fourth kit and so on! It's a very unique and thoughtful gift - truly a great way to remind a family member or a friend to take some time off and indulge in relaxing therapeutic crafting activity!

    Most of our DIY Craft Ktis are suitable for children age above 10. However, we do have parents telling us that their 6-8 years old children are having a ton of fun with it too. We guess ultimately, it boils down to how are the kits presented to them - if you're giving them the kit and expecting them to build on their own, we do think that it can be a little bit tough for them to complete it. However, if you're planning to build the kit with them and spend some quality time together, meanwhile engaging their inner tinkering and creativity mode, then we do think it's very possible for them to complete it. We do encourage family to do it together as a bonding activity while taking some time off screens!

    Yes, simply reach out to us at here and our team will sort it out for you! However, please do keep in mind that the process can take some time as it's a specific piece which we will need some time to sort it out before sending it over to you.

    Yes, we're able to offer prebuilt kits however, it is only limited to these designs for now - Limited Edition Series. For prebuilt models, we will require additional 3-4 business days for us to build it and send it over to your stated address! As we expand and grow, we will definitely look to include more prebuilt options for all of our models.