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Are you looking to get hands on with some extremely interesting and engaging DIY project crafts?

Maybe you're looking to unwind and relax during your downtime? Perhaps you're trying to pick up a new hobby? Or you could just be possibly looking to have a good time?


Well.... Look No Further.


Anavrin's mechanical wooden projects aren't just fun and innovative, they're highly educational and challenging as well. They're tremendously enjoyable to build and will keep you entertained throughout the hours of construction.

The End Result... A Timeless Mechanical Masterpiece.

mechanical woodworking toy projects crafts and idea DIY

1. Pendulum Clock

ByAnavrin Wooden Pendulum Clock 3D Mechanical Anavrin

Observe what makes time tick by building your very own mechanical pendulum clock. Learn about the intricacies behind the science and design of the clock as the gears work together to bring about movement with every passing second.

Check Out Pendulum Clock ➤

2. Polaris Express Train

Polaris Express Train Anavrin

Gear up for a locomotive adventure with the polaris express, a technological wonder from the 19th century. From the engine to the chimney, every piece is furnished with the finest detail. Able to run around 15 metres per full wind speed, wind up the steam train and watch it go!

Check Out Polaris Express Train ➤

3. Stargazer Air Vehicle

ByAnavrin Star Gazer Airship Vehicle Anavrin

Reach out for the stars by constructing your stargazer and venture forth into adventure through the clouds. Boasting 349 precisely lasered wooden pieces, the stargazer makes for a very challenging yet fulfilling build. You'll get to appreciate each and every part of the airship as you piece them together and just like clockwork, you'll get to watch the propellers and rudders spin with a simple crank when you're done!

Check Out Stargazer Air Vehicle ➤

4. Vitascope Projector

Anavrin Vitascope building kit

Take a trip down memory lane to the 1890s where films are screened in black and white with your very own vitascope model! This classical masterpiece has a cinematic bulb that lights up a short film of Chaplin's "Modern Times" once you start rotating its hand crank. Powered solely by kinetic energy, no batteries or external power source is required to cast your very first short film. You'll definitely come out of this one a little more knowledgeable about the physics of light projection!

Check Out Vitascope Projector ➤

5. Wayfarer The Space Vehicle Jukebox

mechanical wooden diy toy project ideas

Outer space can get lonely at times when you're just a speck of dust in the cosmic universe. However, fret not - with wayfarer, you can have your own curated mechanical jukebox as your loyal companion. Not only spotting extremely intricate details, wayfarer does also carry with it a serene melody of "Fly Me To The Moon" which you'll be able to hum and relax to.

Check Out Wayfarer The Space Vehicle Jukebox ➤

6. Justice Guard Terminator

Justice Guard Terminator M870 Anavrin

Replicate the pump action of an actual M870 with our justice guard. Inspired by real life military M870 shotguns, our wooden model is replicated to feel, look and shoot like one. With internal spring mechanisms, its trigger motion is not compromised even though it utilizes rubber bands to take down wooden targets! Unleash your inner child as you construct this showpiece from scratch. 

Check Out Justice Guard Terminator ➤

7. Morpheus The Robot Jukebox

Mechanical Wooden DIY Toy Project Idea Anavrin

Carefully engineered and designed with complex parts, Morpheus makes for a very educational and fun build. Not only will you learn about the woodworking and science behind its intricate details, you'll get to understand how its musical jukebox works just like wayfarer and harper. Morpheus is also able to light up its heart and carries with him a tranquil and gentle tune of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

Check Out Morpheus The Robot Jukebox ➤

8. Iron Primus Heavy Truck

Mechanical Wooden DIY Toy Project Idea Anavrin

Get behind the wheel of the iron primus and and have a taste of the trucker life with our 6 wheeler heavy truck. With 4 cylinder pistons pumping, it's able to power through most terrains easily as its wheels move in tandem. The heavy truck is a timeless piece and would make for an exquisite collection for any car fanatics. 

Check Out Iron Primus Heavy Truck ➤

9. Harper The Bunny Jukebox

Mechanical Wooden DIY Toy Project Idea Anavrin

Designed with versatility as its priority, harper is able to easily adjust its hands, ears and feet into various positions of your liking! On top of that, harper was also aesthetically made with lengthy bunny ears and a funky mustache to fit its endearing and cute demeanor. Harper also spots a rotating top that spins in sync with its peaceful "Little Bunny Foo Foo" tune. 

Check Out Harper The Bunny Jukebox ➤

Thank You so much for taking the time out to read through this short article of some of our project kits that we've found to be the most innovative and fun! We hope you enjoyed reading through it and if you have any questions, feel free to drop them at

Have an amazing day!


  • Henry
    • Henry
    • December 18, 2023 at 4:22 pm

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  • Storm
    • Storm
    • June 10, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    Okay, first off I got to say this is extremely amazing?! I’m coming back here to write after actually browsing through the blog and ordering one. I got the vitascope project specifically, and it is definitely challenging but all the more satisfying! The short cinematic film is genius as well, allowed me to show my daughter how films kinda were projected back in the past and it’s so refreshingly fun! Thank you so much Anavrin, will definitely be getting more!! The pendulum next!

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