Vitascope | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Vitascope | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Vitascope | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Vitascope | Anavrin ByAnavrin
Vitascope | Anavrin ByAnavrin

Vitascope | Anavrin

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ByAnavrin Vitascope  DIY Book Nook Miniature Craft Kit


  • Assemble an early film projector structured during the 1890s - This is the principal development of a motion projector that brought forth the cutting edge film and cinema we have today.¬†
ByAnavrin Vitascope  DIY Book Nook Miniature Craft Kit
  • Get hands-on with the modern science of light projection - Experiment by adjusting the focal lengths, and how the clarity of a picture gets modified. Learn how a framework with a shorter focal length has more prominent optical force than one with a long focal length.¬†
  • Comes with a cinematic short film of a Chaplin's classic 'Modern Times' - Once your Vitascope projector is assembled, simply load up the film, begin projecting and enjoy the flickering of the images!¬†
ByAnavrin Vitascope  DIY Book Nook Miniature Craft Kit
  • No electrical source or batteries required for image projection - Simply turn the hand crank system to power up the bulb of your gathered Vitascope, and watch your film wake up!¬†
  • Perfect for bonding purposes - Made from quality, precise and dust-free plywood pieces, our Vitascope creates a wonderful bonding session for you and your loved ones as you come together and build it from scratch.
ByAnavrin Vitascope  DIY Book Nook Miniature Craft Kit
  • Dimensions: 10" Height x 5.24" Width x 9.06" Length
  • Not sold in stores elsewhere.
  • 172 x Precision Cut Wooden Pieces
  • 1 x Vitascope Film Projector
  • 1 x Chaplin's Classic 'Modern Times' Film Roll
  • 1 x Instructional Manual


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"Such An Incredible Innovation! Took Me About 5 Hours, Loved It!"
- Edward Aathar

Build your very own movie projector that projects your own film without any batteries required.

Take a walk down memory lane to the past where films & movies are screened in black and white, now with your very own one-of-a-kind Vitascope model!

Going back to 1890s, this 172 wooden piece projector model has a cinematic bulb that lights up a short film once you begin turning its hand crank.

Powered with just kinetic energy from the rotation of the hand crank system, no batteries or any additional power source is required to cast your first short film!

A Quality & Stunning Piece

Vitascope's Prototype

Designed from scratch, this is one of the final rendition of our Vitascope that has undergone numerous editions to ensure that every single piece works perfectly to ensure your satisfaction.

Made with precise details and care to attention, Vitascope will be without a doubt one of the most interesting and intricate pieces to build and have fun!

That is our promise to you.

Why Anavrin's Wooden Mechanisms?

Self-Propelling Toys

No batteries and chargers are required. Anavrin's mechanical system was designed and created by self-propelling gears that have been thoroughly studied and calculated for to achieve the perfect automotive cycle in each innovative model.

Beautiful Display Showpiece

A fulfilling project build that can be displayed as a gorgeous masterpiece after it's completed and a wonderful collector's hobby that will stay with you for life. Indulge in our satisfying building kits with your family and friends for an amazing time.

Natural Materials
Our pieces are made from recycled and environmentally friendly wooden materials

No Glue Connection
Assemble our pieces easily with everything you need in our kit without any extra tools

Challenge yourself with hours of immersive building to tease your mind and learn about the mechanism behind the motions

All our building kits have self propelling motions to allow you to admire the intricacies and details whenever the gears are in action