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Zodiac Mechanical Wall Clock

ByAnavrin Zodiac Mechanical Wall Clock DIY Book Nook Miniature Craft Kit
ByAnavrin Zodiac Mechanical Wall Clock DIY Book Nook Miniature Craft Kit

Artistry in Motion Miniature

3D Celestial Splendor Miniature

Craftsmanship of Clock Precision; With a simple push of its mechanical structure, this exquisite clock springs to life, faithfully displaying the precise time just like any conventional timepiece. The intricately designed sub-dials elegantly showcase the date, day of the week, and month, allowing you the freedom to personalize and set the date according to your preferences.

Crafted using the wood grain dip-dyeing process, every detail of this clock is a testament to superior craftsmanship. The fusion of the Zodiac dial with the Roman Art Calendar design creates a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The central clock dial, accompanied by adjustable upper and lower wheels for month/week and date settings, offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Zodiac Inspired Elegance; Whether adorning your wall or gracing your tabletop, the Zodiac Wall DIY Clock adds a touch of sophistication and romance to any home ambiance. Embrace the artistry and precision of timekeeping with this captivating masterpiece.

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Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

What does your DIY Craft Kits comes with?

Our DIY Craft Kits comes with everything you need ranging from detailed instruction guide, cutting tools, crafting papers, solid plywood sheets and lights as well. However, we're not able to include batteries (for the lights) and glue due to shipping restrictions. Nonetheless, we do recommend getting a silicon based glue for our craft projects which you can get from a bookstore or art store! If you'd like a specific glue brand, you can choose to use Elmer's All Multi Purpose Glue and Gorilla Super Glue (for a stronger & faster stick)!

How long does it take to complete a project?

It really depends, our book nooks have been designed in a way whereby it takes lesser time because there are no coloring/painting required - the plywood pieces are already colored hence it's more of a gluing and pasting craft activity. It should take roughly 4-6 hours to complete. However, we do have customer who love to take their time and complete it over the weekend with their family members or friends!

Is it beginner friendly? Will it be a great gift for people who wants to try DIY crafting

We do our best to ensure that all of our DIY Craft Kits are simple and straightforward. We're focusing on providing the best experience to anyone who wants to try out DIY Crafting as a hobby! We do have customers who have never tried crafting before and they're now on their way to building their second, third, fourth kit and so on! It's a very unique and thoughtful gift - truly a great way to remind a family member or a friend to take some time off and indulge in relaxing therapeutic crafting activity!

Are these suitable for children?

Most of our DIY Craft Ktis are suitable for children age above 10. However, we do have parents telling us that their 6-8 years old children are having a ton of fun with it too. We guess ultimately, it boils down to how are the kits presented to them - if you're giving them the kit and expecting them to build on their own, we do think that it can be a little bit tough for them to complete it. However, if you're planning to build the kit with them and spend some quality time together, meanwhile engaging their inner tinkering and creativity mode, then we do think it's very possible for them to complete it. We do encourage family to do it together as a bonding activity while taking some time off screens!

If I accidentally break one of the key pieces for the craft kit, are you guys able to send a replacement?

Yes, simply reach out to us and our team will sort it out for you! However, please do keep in mind that the process can take some time as it's a specific piece which we will need some time to sort it out before sending it over to you.

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